Photos of our Kittens and Cats

Creme Delight

GC Bondi's Creme Delight of Kitsu DM (Spayed)



GC BW RW Kitsu Charlie's Angel ( Retired show cat

living in Pennsylvania)

GC RW Kitsu Tatum


GP Kitsu Wylee ( Retired show cat living in Michigan)

Our 1st show cat American Burmese GP Laki Braveheart of Kitsu

Our house pet Oliver Twist born 04/2009

Oliver Twist loves to play inside of paper bags

Oilver Twist

Kitsu Eldorado living in Florida

Korindah Bindi of Kitsu with babies

Oilver Twist waiting for his belly to be rubbed

3 kittens Sept 24, 2008

Kittens born Sept 10, 2008

dallas kitten

Lilac kitten born May 2008

Kittens 3 weeks old

3 week old Cream Kittens



7 month old Cream male kitten with his new owner

Bubba & Kaylee & Logan & Tommy & Samantha

Bubba resides in Connecticut

Kaylee resides in southern Ohio

Logan resides in Tokyo, Japan

Tommy resides in Washington, D.C.

Samantha resides in Richmond, Virginia

Bubba, Kaylee, Logan

Kittens love movements in a cat video


Bubba at his 1st Birthday Party

Bubba with owner Kelsey

See more photos at




Tommy working Quality Control at a fabric shop.



The Luthiers Apprentice- Basil


Basil at Harp Practice

Basil with Fay during Harp Practice


Cea's Litter

Litter of six Cream Kittens Feb 2006. Kitsu Shiloh

below is one of these kittens.

Kitsu Shiloh

Kitsu's Shiloh owner Olena Volotovska with Patty Jacobberger .

Shiloh lives in Kiev which is the capital city of Ukraine.

Kingsy & Missy

Brother (Kingsy) and sister (Missy) living in

East Lansing, Michigan.



Roman was our 1st cat that got us hooked. We found him

at the local Animal Rescue Shelter. He is a Applehead Siamese.





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